17 Replies to “2004 USA Tomahawks vs. Australia Kangaroos Rugby League (1st Half)”

  1. I honestly can't believe the Australians agreed to play on the field when it was marked out as a gridiron/American football field,for an international game against the best team in the world the Americans surely could've sorted a proper rugby setup

  2. the aussies obviously threw the first half. They wanted to make inroads into america & destroying them on their home turf wouldn't have exactly have got locals excited about the game.

  3. who won in the end please ? great first half from USA… australia disrespectful.. laughing…

  4. First, I sincerely apologize for not having the 2ND half. Unfortunately, I can't find it. If I do, I will be sure to post that as well. Second, stop using this site to bash each other about whose sport is tougher and whose country is better. I've played both sports and gotten my bell rung from both sports. I've lived in both countries, and love both countries. Nothing is perfect, and that includes USA, Oz, league, and gridiron. I posted this because is was a good memory for me and for the Tomahawks, not to start this stupid ass feud. I'm tired of going to my inbox , seeing there has been activity at this site only to find out it is more of this bullshit so please take it somewhere else!

  5. The fact that Australia is the leading team in this sport and attracts this shitty crowd speaks volumes of how behind the game is to union internationally

  6. Full time score Australia 36-24 USA.. Aussies win but embarrassing first half by Australia have to admit.

  7. I watch this every year or so when I need something to lift my mood. No reason to watch the second half.

  8. been waiting ages for this video to be uploaded somewer thanks for putting it up

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