19 Replies to “2016 Rugby Championship Rd 5: South Africa v Australia”

  1. all these people on here bitching about south africa playing a boring style of rugby, its not like the aussies were much better, they only scored one try, if winning games = boring rugby then we may as well give up on most coaching methods and tactics and just train every team to play like the fijian sevens, don't like it? I suggest u go watch league instead…

  2. worst thing to happen to south african rugby is back in his number 10 jersey, predictable boring shit, at least when we were loosing we were learning lessons

  3. Glad I only watched the highlights, wish I didn't watch second half of abs win.

  4. Mohoje's tackling techniques will either kill or cripple someone one day. And I'll hold the Rugby Union responsible!

  5. Wayne Barnes should be sacked. The number of forward passes i saw at Loftus yesterday were appalling…

  6. Lyk die Ausie Captain nie soos n VarkHond nie ?? So fokken windgat ook nog dankbaar ons het gewen want fok weet as ons naa die klomp nog moes luister..

  7. so South Africa just pick off Australia's terrible ability to avoid conceding penalties… what a borning fucking match!

  8. I was at the game. play was so broken up and error strewn that it was hard to focus on watching all the time. it didn't seem like much game plan at all, or of there was it is ineffective. Lots of work to do still

  9. pathetic from both teams I can't wait for the end of year tours. Rugby championship been boring no one really pushing the allblacks

  10. Very boring rugby from South Africa, just like England. Sad but true. Rubbish

  11. Australia recieved it's first ever loss over Wayne Barnes refereeing.

  12. * yawn * after watching awesome entertaining AFL & Nrl finals matches last few weeks, then trying to watch this borefest, wonder why i wasted time on union. this match perfectly epitomes why i stopped following union, teams that played negative & boring styles can easily beat teams that try to play positive style & run with the ball. 2 x drop goals! still can't understand why union allows frop goals rl be worth 3 points! Aussie rules & rugby league such better spectacles than union borefests like this match

  13. Was an incredibly boring game, poor performance from Aus, the ref and to a lesser extent SA(who played heir best game so far but thats not saying much).

  14. welcome back same old boring SA sure this is the future of the evolution of rugby…

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