14 Replies to “4 Nations 2016 Final – Australia vs New Zealand Rugby League”

  1. Can't believe the RFL chose to stage this game at a venue that can't even accomodate a regulation size RL pitch. Complete incompetence.

  2. Watching from Russia. Participation of Russian team in the RLWC could increase interest in this great sport. Alas, we couldn't.

  3. "New Zealnd are only in this final by default really, as England lost to Australia last week" – Oh right so THAT'S why? I thought it might have been cos NZ beat England in round 1, but nope sounds like England deserved to be there

  4. Why r the commentators saying Capt Cam won't be playing on English soil again?.anything is possible ! Has Cam actually said that he won't be be playing again . I don't think so!

  5. Too tough, too skillful, too inventive, too organized, too good in every department. Aussies.

  6. Watching from LA. Love me some league. It's the best. USA Hawks in the veins.

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