20 Replies to “Argentina v Australia – Match Highlights – Rugby World Cup 2015”

  1. Argentine rugby is still very, very, very boring to watch. Kick, kick, kick………….just like England. No improvement

  2. The semi final was same as like as Cricket world cup 2015. Only india was replaced by argentina. Here Aussie beat blues and Kiwis beat proteas. But in final Kiwis beat aussies

  3. un orgullo ser argentino por esta seleccion q dejo todo en la cancha pero no se pudo dar la oportunidad

  4. 'The empire strikes back at the home of the English rugby. Its been seized by the southern hemisphere its a colonial takeover' That intro was amazing XDDDD

  5. Congratulations, Australia is a great team. I hope you will win today. Good luck.
    From Argentina.

  6. Unfortunately australia isn't fully healed from the Argentine game. It will cost them … or will it?

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