19 Replies to “Australia v Scotland – Match Highlights – Rugby World Cup 2015”

  1. Just can't see why people are saying the refereeing was a joke in this game.

    The penalty at the end is nowhere near as clear cut as everyone in this comment section is making it out to be. You can make a case for it being a knock on or not a knock on, such is the closeness of it.

    No one can deny that on first impression that it looks like a knock on and then offside. If it is a knock on, the offside is pretty blatant. My first reaction at 2am was to scream offside, the same way the players do in this video. not sure how anyone can blame Joubert for giving that penalty given all this. If you can only put together a case that it might not have been a knock on after looking at 200 different angles (which are pretty inconclusive), you're missing the point that referees have to decide knock ons in real time.

    It's worth noting Australia had a disallowed try earlier in the game too.

  2. People complaining about Scotland should have won well Australia worked hard in this World Cup tournament

  3. Why doesn't include this Joubert running off the pitch? Or making a mistake with the Maitland yellow car? Both surely warrant being inclusion in match highlights? (or lowlights)

  4. Joubert should honestly quit. Robbed Crusaders's Super Rugby title in 2014 and now this…

  5. And they got to the finals and lost to the all blacks haha shame on the aussies…

  6. 5 tries to 3 – Australia won. If it were 3 tries a piece I'd have said Scotland deserved to win…Scotland were very good and tough in this. Neither were going to beat NZ though.

  7. The ref ran away at the end (without shaking hands) and got beaten up by the Scott's and was never allowed to do a big game likethat again

  8. I was torn. Being Aussie, I was willing my Wallabies to get over the line, but not happy to see it end the way it did. It was good that the Wallabies got into the World Cup (We had a pretty rotten year the year after), but I just felt so much for Scotland. A good match ended by a bad refereeing decision.

  9. It's so unlucky for Scotland that there was that wrong penalty at the end, but look at the tries- two of theirs were either charge- downs in front of the line, or an interception on the 22. By contrast, the Aussies' we're all pretty well crafted.

  10. Sometimes I think, and I keep saying that if he did not charge this penalty to Scotland, Los Pumas had a great chance to beat them in the semifinals, and move on to the final to face each other again against the All Blacks. Scotland deserved to win, it was unfortunate the referee's decision at that time. My respect for Scottish rugby from Tucumán-Argentina.

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