20 Replies to “Australia vs England | HIGHLIGHTS HD [ 1st Test ]”

  1. "Feed Me" you scum sucking piece of shit, England's warriors destroyed Australia and everyone else in 2016

  2. There`s very little to beat the excitement, sporting endeavour and unmissable entertainment value of an openly attacking and highly competitive rugby union test match played between 2 nations who traditionally want to win at all costs.

  3. Farrell is just unstoppable. It's come to the point where commentators just say 7 points instead of 5…..

  4. Great highlights – really good to see a highlights sequence that isn't just "here's a try, here's a kick" and doesn't tell any of the 'story' of the game. Great stuff!

  5. Great match. About time England learnt to recycle the ball quickly. it was always coming out too slow….. I think Eddie Jones has fixed that….

  6. did anyone else see the punch by Moore at 2:09? Obviously nothing to punish but wondering if anyone else saw it?

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