20 Replies to “Australia vs England | HIGHLIGHTS HD [ 2nd Test ]”

  1. All that defending and giving away no penalties. That is class. Love the Aussie supporter at the end standing up at Otoje… what was he going to do?

  2. Anyone have the Full match for all three tests? It was up but been taken down

  3. The Aussie commentary was woeful, he got at least 2 players mixed up in the course of about a minute. Clean it up

  4. What a game!! Amazing resistance by England and a great effort by Australia.

  5. i bet Aussie potter in the crowd when England go up 18 7 wouldn't dare give them finger up close.

  6. Could someone tell me the name of the song that plays when Hartley scores at 1:48 please?

  7. This was the last rugby match my Dad saw. We used to have season tickets at Wasps and he was the man who made me a rugby man. We watched this game on the laptop I am typing on now, in his hospital room where he was recovering, and ultimately failing to recover from an operation related to his cancer, and on the bed that would soon be his death bed. I'll never forget the joy in celebrating Farrell's try at the end. The last try I ever celebrated with my Dad. God I miss him.

  8. Truly embarrassing for us Aussies just so many mistakes creeping in too often. Take O'Connor on when he's done in Toulon just one more chance, the wallabies need someone who can make something out of nothing like JOC. I don't give a shit how much of an ass hole he's been.

  9. I have to say the Aussies have the best commentators in the world

  10. Get goosebumps every time I hear the commentary when George grubber kicks it and farrell scores

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