19 Replies to “England – Australia Rugby World Cup 2003”

  1. It still one of the greatest games I have ever witnessed. Can anyone tell what day it took place? Was it a Saturday or Sunday?

  2. I heard Jason Leonard talking in Hong Kong and he was asked whether those penalties against the scrum were justified. He said they were "technically" offences so you have to make Andre Watson right.

  3. Watson_giving_Aus-a_bunch_of_scrum_penalties_when_englands_scrum_was_clearly_dominant

  4. The red roses invented rugby, it is a astonishing win they had over the Wallabies, all England fans will cherish the moment they had when JOHNNY WILKINSON attempts the drop goal, it was superb, the universe will never forget Wilkinson.

  5. I was so pleased England won but how Flatley stayed so calm and took those two penalties I'll never know, amazing.

  6. An absolute clinic a of kicking battle between Wilkinson and Flatley. I can't even imagine the pressure those two were under. It all came down to a perfect dropper at the last second but that just shows how class both these teams were.  Best final I've see in the last several cups.

  7. Just watched this for my English homework. Better than watching the whole 2 hours. Thanks!

  8. Still love Howard's (the PM) complete lack of sportsmanship when he hands the trophy over – makes it all the sweeter

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