12 Replies to “France V Australia | Full Match”

  1. The Australian commentator knows his stuff. One out runners under 10s rugby. You've got to make 2 passes and have support runners to put doubt in the defenders mind. Make defenders get on there heals. I'm English but I enjoy the way the Australians play the game. The results will come. You've got some brilliant players

  2. This commentator is horrendous. Keeps calling Nakaitaci "Vakatawa". Just look at the team sheet fuck sake

  3. they should of called franxe up on that scrum that was annoying how they got away with pulling him under the entire game

  4. France should have won that one even though both teams were pretty much equal (except for Australia dominating the rucks). Ref was so so, and did not call for an obvious penalty near the end of the game.

  5. my opinion for what it"s worth I thought France played the better game I did"t flies were Frence

  6. Who is the Aussie commentator?? He is excruciating.. I had to turn the volume off!!! Good open game of rugby .. wonder if it had anything to do with the New Zealand ref?? He blew the obvious ones and otherwise let it go. Some .refs are blowing the whistle 30 times a game, killing it as a spectacle. This guy had a good game. Hope to see more of him.

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