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  1. Ireland achieved a huge victory over Australia with a number of their key players not in the match and less experienced player replacements in the second half. Their victory over an intensely competitive Australian touring squad demonstrates the need for Northern hemisphere, national squads to not only close out a disciplined and focused performance with possession throughout the game in effective support. But to also bring on capable replacements to provide the tactical and drive changes required at the high intensity and commitment areas of international matches where games can be won or lost through momentary lapses of concentration, changes in attacking impetus and failure to realise that reduced stamina and awareness can effect both.

  2. Great match.
    One tactical question; Why would Ireland kick to the corner from the centre of the pitch with less than a minute to go? Surely you go for the posts, use the minute and just make sure it's booted long enough not to stay in play.

  3. Great result for Ireland.  I thought at one point Australia were going to highlight a lack of depth in the Irish squad but they somehow fought back after a blistering Australian start to the second half.  Great game of rugby and can't wait to see how the English go against the Aussie's next week.

  4. Great game, two great sides.
    Congrats to Ireland , great fighting spirit . Australia played with great spirit also to come back and lead.
    Both teams can be proud .

  5. I wish the Irish broadcasts would include the refs mic. Some of the calls that are made seem weird or harsh if you can't hear him talking to the players. It also helps with all the dead air when the commentators don't have anything to say.

    Thanks for all the EOYT games GG Rugby, they are hard to find on telly in the States.

  6. only if the Irish commentator can be a little bit less bias it will be a lot more fun to watch … commentator seems to forget there are 2 team playing not just Ireland

  7. What the heck was Folau thinking at 51 mins. that he could step through three players and dot down?

    he then falls into three tackles like a wet sack. total indecision and then a lack of confidence.

    that cost australia the match.

  8. RTÉ need to hire some new exciting commentators fast, same drab dull voices alongside nugent

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