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  1. At the moment the Irish can do no wrong as far as the refs are concerned. There were numorous foul plays by that team. Obstructing tacklers, defending the try line, diving in on rucks, when Aussie was winning at the rucks, high tackles vs the All blacks in particular, slowing the game down, Hollywood type dives, taking players out without the ball etc. no penalties against them though. Fair enough we will suck it up no issues there, but then to cry, whinge, bitch, moan and complain, like pussy whipped school boys about how hard done by they were by the refs, and how dirty the opposition were, that is bloody hard to stomarch man. The Irish are just a sad sack potatoes arn't they.

  2. Frosty Peeks……… More like Sour Grapes…….. Go Ireland

  3. Ireland will make the semi finals next time at this rate. They've got a solid chance of winning it too. I really hope they keep it up!

  4. the ref was very good to the Irish, 65 minutes a phase before the last try should have been a penalty for Australia for holding on at the ruck, man was on his feet and on the ball.

  5. How can they not call an obstruction on the second Irish try? 2 players blocked 2 tacklers. Even I can score tries like this if my teammates can block this way.

  6. Ireland vs England is the last match of the 2017 Six Nations. Could well be a grand slam decider for both! Wonderful to see the boys in green doing so well! England fan.

  7. Surprised you left out Pococks amazing play at a "non ruck" after a restart. Really caught Ireland napping and Murray tried to milk a penalty by throwing him the ball (he's been doing that a fair bit lately). Great knowledge of the rules from Pocock. If Folau hadn't butchered the overlap afterwards could have been a different story. Good showing from Ireland though considering all the injury disruptions.

  8. Ireland need to work on their tackling big time. They seem to be reverting to old bad habits of standing back and letting opposition come at them instead of closing the gap and forcing errors like against the AB's. Getting there, but lack the killer instinct still.

  9. Good game Ireland. Thought we had it when we took the lead but you guys held your nerve. To play 40 minutes with that many disruptions in the backline is no easy feat.
    Surely the first team to beat Australia, South Africa and New Zealand in one year?

  10. And aussie are laghing at the all blacks for losing hahahaha so funny

  11. Amazes me how indisciplined both New Zealand and Australia have been against us. Both conceded more than 13 against us and had two players carded.

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