18 Replies to “Kate Blakk – National Anthem – Wallabies vs England June 19 ,2010”

  1. To all those who thought the title said Katty Perry I ask you, What business does an over hyped American singer have singing the national anthem of the greatest country on Earth ?

  2. well sung ! you ought to add the lyrics in subtitles for the international audience !

  3. @kabomzo You would have been delighted to realise it was Kate Parry who is an Aussie and not Katy Perry who is a Plastic.

  4. @rugbyboyrules im kiwi too but my fav rugby player and country is James O'Connor and Australia

  5. @aeryxz actually not lip syncing there is a 3.5 sec delay in stadiums that's why I had in ear monitors so I would be in time with the music !

  6. @holab9 Yeah he is sort of hot im a boy so i can't say he's hot but he's not really a Good player i'm kiwi and i really like Rikki Somone or what every his name is he's a Good player and Good sportsmanship he has i LIKE IT 😛

  7. There is just one thing about the Australian Anthem that there is no part about God in but New zealand ,Samoa and lots of others have it .

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