The chances of England winning and defending the Six Nations title in this 2017 season look quite good.

The Eddie Jones led side who are heading into the tournament with an unbeaten streak in their kitty, while also considering that they currently hold the title, are heavily touted as favorites for the Six Nations cup once again.

However, Mike Brown and the rest of the team know by now that if they wish to retain the famous trophy, they would have to give nothing short of their very best.

With this, Mike Brown who spoke recently ahead of the tournament revealed that he is looking onto a sportsman for the needed inspiration.

The 31-year old has his inspiration coming from no other than the famous Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United.

For some, Brown is in the latter stages of his career, yet he still remains England’s favorite fullback despite the emergence of younger replacements such as Alex Lozowski, Elliot Daly, and Anthony Watson.

According to him, a proud fan of Man United, he remains impressed with what Zlatan Ibrahimovic is doing at the club despite being 35 years of age.

He also loves the quote by Ibrahimovic which says ‘You’re older but you’re not OLD’ and notes that he sees things from the same perspectives as well.

He believes he still has a lot of time ahead of him. Brown has also gone on to acquire the services of Margot Wells so as to help him increase his speed. She had helped her husband Alan Wells become the 100m Olympic champion.

Brown has also looked to Jonny Wilkinson for help:

“Wilko has been unbelievable for me. He has had a huge effect on my kicking and my all-round game. I’ve offered to pay him but he says he just loves working with people who want to improve,” he added.