20 Replies to “New zealand vs Australia rugby championship 2013 08 24 – ROUND 2”

  1. Can't stand the Aussies but the penalty against Hooper at 43' is unfathomable! Nonu was poor, the Folau intercept notwithstanding. Wallabies started well and since that worked decided, hey, we actually did something, let's kick it!

  2. Best sporting nations of all time with overall achievements and success in team sports having the most weight and population having a little weight but per capita not having the most weight as it is unfair to bigger countries and doesn't actually represent who wins: 1 USA 2 Australia 3 Soviet Union/Russia 4 Germany 5 France 6 Britain 7 Italy 8 Serbia 9 Sweden 10 New Zealand 11 Spain 12 Croatia 13 Hungary 14 Romania 15 Finland 16 Brazil 17 Argentina 18 China 19 Netherlands 20 Japan 21 Greece 22 South Korea

  3. So much better than American football. There isn't a God dam whistle every 3 seconds

  4. This is my first ever rugby game. I know nothing about the sport, but am interested. Any suggestions on matches to look for on youtube or certain teams to watch?

  5. thank you so much for posting this, i am a kiwi living in the states and struggle to find super rugby games and all black tests

  6. has anyone read that stupid ass article from Sydney, Australia Herald saying do them a favor and lose against the Australian Wallabies in the Bledisoe Cup Test Matches..
    I mean it's only been like 12 years since Australia touched that Cup LOL

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