16 Replies to “Rugby Championship 2013 Australia vs New Zealand Full Match HD”

  1. Fukin Aussie commentators… 1. Savea was NOT in front of the kick 2. Keiran Reed WAS going for the ball.

  2. am I the only one that noticed they're facing in-field rather than out during the anthems?

  3. Ta for the Bledi. wallabies. We'll keep it tucked away in our trophy cabinet for another decade. Apologies on the hiding we're constantly dishing out to you fallas but lets face it you fallas deserved every bit of it Lol!!!!!

  4. It's funny people never complain about Haka when they face Samoa, Fiji or Tonga! Regardless of the Haka All blacks would still be best team in the world. 

  5. Good hard game with an apparent lack of any play-makers, particularly on the Wallabies side.

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