16 Replies to “Rugby League 2008 World Cup Final Highlights- Australia VS New Zealand”

  1. I love how Blair just walks in and scores a try like he's picking up laundry lol… This was a great game.  AUS paid the price for taking the piss but they redeemed themselves 4 years later.  

  2. Aussie commentators are bias and rarely give credit where credit is due, Not only in League but Cricket and Rugby also.

  3. Doesn't matter how good the teams played all year. Its all down to the last game. The underdog status is probably the biggest ace in the sleeve when it comes to rugby

  4. Uh that's the worst excuse ever, even for an Aussie.You guys had Slater, Inglis, Thursten, Lockeyer, smith, G-Stewart, Williams, Watmough, but sure it was your B team.

  5. sean o , did they tell you that they expected to win….how many times have nz won the world cup…

  6. @Snakeman02 Australia were massive favourites going into that game, they'd already beaten New Zealand well earlier in the tournament and had, on paper the best team. Australia turned up expecting to win and were given a lesson in guts and heart.

  7. Look at the woman in the Australia shirt on the right leave once video ref gives the try at 3:42

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