As the Six Nations begins with the France Rugby team kicking off their campaign against England on February 4 at the Twickenham, Baptiste Serin is now in talks with Dimitri Yachvili.

He is hoping that with Yachvili, he would be able to secure a place in the France Rugby team. He also hopes that he would be able to establish himself with Les Blues as a key figure.

So far, Serin has featured for the Under-20s on 19 occasions and for the senior side, has earned five caps. After accidentally meeting Yachvili through a journalist, he has been working regularly with him. Yachvili won 61 caps for France during his heydays.

Serin made a comment about how they met and how their working together has been going really well.

“We met by accident through a journalist. Since then we’ve worked together and it’s going really well. I’ve been lucky to see him each week, every Thursday. We work on the pitch and I go through the games with him as well,” Serin said.

Serin commented further on Yachviliand how he has been helping him improve a lot better on the goal-kicking aspect of the sport which according to him, needs a lot of precision ad one which his mentor has been showing him.

Serin also talked about how Yachvili has advised him on the positions necessary especially around the shoulders, which ensured that a kick is properly made.

Yachvili advised the youngster on the position of the scrum-half and other little details in every aspect of the game that would further help him strengthen his tactics.

Serin sees him as a naturally calm personality, and equally one with a quiet strength who at all times, gives off an impression of confidence and calmness.